Three tower combination with tunnel, wobbly bridge, two vertical climber, firemans pole, slide and vertical rope bridge



Product no.: A7304 hpl
Dimensions: 5340 x 3700 x 3265 mm
Safety area: 8830 x 6895 mm / 44 m2
Critical fall height: 1400 mm
User group: 5-12 years
Platform height: 1400 mm

Structural poles: Aluminium profile 90x90 mm with eloxed surface, Platforms and stairs: 12mm anti slip HPL sheet. Handles  and other steel parts: Steel with zinked layer and coloured powder coating or stainless steel. Roof and side panels: 8mm HPL sheets. Slide: Polyethylene or HDPE, Screws: Stainless steel Ropes: PE Hercules with steel reinforcement inside.