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83102 Bratislava, Slovakia
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50 years

» aluminium poles


20 years

» aluminium / stainless steel bars 

» stainless steel connectors 

» HPL / HDPE parts (limited to 3 years on color stability)

10 years

» Polyethylene parts (slides, roofs)

(limited to 3 years on color stability)


5 years

» steel springs

» rope with steel reinforcement


1 year

» rubber and rubber-coated parts,

» polyurethane parts & connectors

» moving & small parts 

» steel cables, chains, ropes

Warranty information

All products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects under normal use for a period of 24 months from date of invoice. Aesthatical maintaining of the equipment or cleaning of it is permitted only by using soap and water.

In order to make warranty claims, clients must notify Aluplay / Fun time  or its authorized dealer within a period of 30days from the discovery of any defect, must present a readable copy of the original sales invoices issued by Aluplay / Fun Time or their authorized dealers. In addition, Aluplay may request to obtain a copies of documents showing how the inspection and maintenance has been conducted throughout the warranty period. Nonconformance to the inspections and maintenance recommendations as per our manual may void the warranty.

If a dispute arises concerning the warranty arises, it shall be finally settled by arbitration in Slovakia at a location determined by Aluplay / Fun time .

GUARANTEE IS NOT OPERATING as a result of inappropriate installation of the equipmentor in the absence of a regular maintenance check.


Warranty limitations:

Warranty does not cover damage caused due to improper installation and absence of regular and ongoing maintenance as recommended by Aluplay / Fun time .


Warranty does not include labour or shipping cost that might be incurred for the replacement of damaged parts.


Warranty does not cover damage caused through non-conforming use for which the equipment was designed for.


Warranty does not cover damage caused by modofications to parts and or unauthorised repairs.


Warranty does not cover wear, tear, and cosmetic issues, such as but not limited to discoloured surfaces, minor scratches and dents.





Warranty does not cover work and/or transport that will be necessary for the replacement of the damaged parts.


If products are installed in direct contact with chlorinated water or saltwater, or within 3 kilometers from the shore, Aluplay / Fun time needs to be notified as special warranty conditions will apply especially with regards to corrosion.