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Trampoline set 7



Product no.: set 7
Dimensions: 10500 x 7500 x 400 mm
Safety area: 11500 x 11500 mm
Critical fall height: 900 mm
User group: from 3 years

Construction and support structure made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Jump mat: made of polyamide lamellas, threaded on a stainless steel cord coated with a PVC sheath, attached to springs, which are attached to the rods inside the construc- tion. The edges of the jump mat are covered with a 40 mm thick and 250mm wide EPDM / SBR rim, with a polyurethane-based adhesive glued to the frame.  Trampoline has a 2-point opening for service purposes.  Spare parts, mat and rim designs upon request. Max users per trampoline: 1 (one person at a time).  Mat deflection 25cm (+/- 3cm).