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Mini 2 Tower bridge

Double tower with interactive panels and slide, platform height 600mm




Product no.: A7511.3 hdpe
Dimensions: 4480 x 1680 x 1910 mm
Safety area: 7880 x 4680 mm
Critical fall height: 600 mm
User group: 2-9 years
Platform height: 600 mm

Structural poles: Aluminium profile 90x90 mm with eloxed surface, Platforms: made of 20 mm HDPE with anti-slip surface sheet 870x870mm, Stairs: made of 20mm HDPE with anti-slip surface sheet 670x140mm, Handles and other steel parts: Stainless steel.  Roof and side panels: 12/15/19mm HDPE sheet, Slide: HDPE, Screws / connecting material: Stainless steel.