Tower with slide, stairs, roof and double swing to save space. Height of the swings adjusted so that there is no need for safety surface (grass is ok). Critical fall height = 990mm



Product no.: A7508 wood hdpe
Dimensions: 5165 x 2420 x 2700 mm
Safety area: 6695 x 7000 mm / 40m2
Critical fall height: 990 mm
User group: 3-12 years
Platform height: 990 mm

Structural poles: Larix FSC certified wood 90x90 mm, Platforms / stairs: anti – slip HPL / HDPE sheet with, Handles and bars: Larix FSC certified wood, Roof, side panels, climbing walls : UV stabilised 3-layer, bi-color HDPE with inner 100% recycled core in 12, 15 or 19mm thickness. Slide: UV-stabilised Polyethylene (PE), Screws and connecting material: Stainless steel.