Tower with slide, stairs, roof and double swing to save space. Height of the swings adjusted so that there is no need for safety surface (grass is ok).



Product no.: A7508
Dimensions: 6905 x 2550 x 2780 mm
Safety area: 8760 x 7500 mm / 49 m2
Critical fall height: 990 mm
User group: 3-12 years
Platform height: 990 mm

Structural poles: Aluminium profile 90x90 mm with eloxed surface, Platform: steel frame 880x880mm with wood-composite floor 140x24mm , Stairs: steel frame 670x140mm,, with wood-composite flooring 24mm thick, Handles and other steel parts: Steel with zinked layer and coloured powder coating. Roof and side panels: HDPE sheets wit 12, 15 or 19mm thickness. Slide: Polyethylene, Screws: Stainless steel.